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Indoor “Barbecued” Beef Ribs

Ribs are my favourite cut of beef, for roasting (US prime rib, UK standing rib/forerib), seared and juicy steaks (ribeye), braising (short rib/thin rib – although I’m also partial to shin and oxtail) and for low-and-slow smoked barbecue, narrowly beating brisket.

Until very recently, the best barbecue in London was available down the road for very reasonable prices at The Horatia, where Texas Joe’s had their residency. Their smoked brisket was a thing of wonder – tender and perfectly pink, with a smoky bark and a richly marbled interior. I can’t pass by the pub without thinking about it. Unfortunately, it’s on my commute, so this occurs at least twice a day.

How to cope, then, with the long winter of our barbecue withdrawal? It is still far too cold to barbecue outside and Joe’s haven’t yet announced their new location.

Like this:



Marinated ribs cooked low-and-slow, glazed and grilled to finish

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Easy Beef Pho (more “Faux” than authentic “Pho”)

This is a cheap, comforting-but-healthy bowl of tender rib meat and bone broth. And it’s super-easy to make – the passage of time does all the work for you. It’s hands-off pho, as 1. apart from roughly chopping some aromatics and slipping the tender meat off the bones at the end of cooking, you really don’t do much, and 2. it also stands for “Hands off my pho!” because once I’ve got my slurp on with a bowl of this umami sensation, I’m not prepared to share! Vietnamese Beef Pho Continue reading

Short Rib Bourguignon

As I write this, my husband and I are sharing a Fray Bentos pie, passing the tin (balanced on a plate) between us and sharing the same fork. I tell you this not because I’m proud of us – I’m really not – but just to demonstrate that I am both lazy and economical (he bought the pies upon finding them on sale at Morrison’s for a pound each, bearing them home in triumph. I let him enjoy it for approximately two seconds  before observing that they are always available at Poundland). Anyway, this meal easy, inexpensive and gloriously delicious – it’s honestly once of the nicest dishes I can make. We made it recently for dining club with my siblings and my brother has asked me for the recipe almost daily ever since.

Short Rib Bourgignon

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Malaysian Beef Rendang

Cost: £12 for 8 people as a main course, very generously

A Malay classic – nuggets of beef slow-cooked to collapsing tenderness, in a fragrant, almost caramelised curry. The shopping list of spices isn’t particularly long – we happened to have almost everything on hand, and the base of the curry is coconut milk, so it’s dairy free but still gorgeously rich. This recipe was originally from a butchery course at the Waitrose cooking school, and overall winner in a family rendang-off that my brother won against my parents.

The only changes I’ve made have been for convenience, as well as using beef shin instead of chuck – shin is my favourite cut for this kind of slow-cooked dish, where the collagen breaks down to give a silky, rich sauce and the meat breaks down without becoming tough into pink-tinged shreds.

Beef rendang on paratha

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Beef Bulgogi (Bibimbap…sort of)

Where we live is brilliant for food shopping. There are independent grocers, butchers, fishmongers, middle eastern and Asian shops; all much cheaper than the Waitrose, Morrisons, and even the Lidl within walking distance. Unexpectedly run out of wonton wrappers? Hankering for quince? Not a problem.
It’s such a good place for home cooking that until last summer, i had never eaten at a local restaurant, or ordered a takeaway.
But then there was Dotori. Ah, Dotori. Tiny, imperfectly laid out provider of quality sushi and hot stone bowls of Bibimbap. I mention them in spite of myself because they are already so popular that people go in midweek, get told it’s over an hour until they will be seated, and then they do not scoff and leave, as a reasonable person would, they stand in a tiny space not built for standing in and wait for it. How do I know? We are those people. Or we were a few weeks ago when the Husband suggested going out for dinner. What a treat. Standing shoulder to groin with a lot of tall, overheated people on their smartphones, and repeatedly hissing “it would have been so easy/obvious/low-effort for you to make a reservation!” at the Husband…
So, for those nights when even a takeaway seems like too much effort, having beef bulgogi in the fridge means you can have something like Bibimbap in your bowl well within half an hour. Unlike at Dotori.

(tastes much better than it looks. the sheep pyjamas, however, are just as awesome as they photograph)

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