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Bacon and Banana Pancakes

Cost: less than £1, but mostly storecupboard ingredients – ideal Low-Ceilinged food because the restaurant dish that I wanted to copy is around £10, but this is both quick and easy to make.

The sweet-salty combination that works so well in popcorn, pulled pork and salted caramel anything is wonderful here. It feels indulgent, but isn’t as calorific as it sounds – by using whole grains and low-fat yoghurt, the pancake batter is still very light but with an extra flavour dimension, and the addition of bananas, which soften into a fragrant caramel, means that very little sugar is required. Finally, cooking bacon is not only much cheaper than normal bacon, but it is pre-chopped into little nuggets which means a little goes a long way so you don’t need quite as much – it’s more of a seasoning than a main ingredient, but it does its work in providing salty, savoury bass notes of flavour, as well as a meaty, crisp-edged textural contrast to the cloudlike pancake doused in maple syrup.

Banana Bacon Pancakes

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Huevos Rancheros

…might not seem like an obvious brunch choice for a rainy Saturday in North London. Surely “ranch eggs” are made for eating under the open sky, as fuel for a hard session of mending fences or herding livestock or (and here my lack of ranch expertise betrays me) dressing salads.  Or, moving into more familiar (and indoor) territory, huevos rancheros, along with the works of Maya Angelou, provide sustenance for disenfranchised New Yorkers who sing about “La Vie Boheme” in Jonathan Larson’s “Rent”.

However, even for indoor-dwelling convention-bound Londoners like us, huevos rancheros is a very satisfying brunch – a sprightly (and relatively healthy) alternative to a fry up, with freshness from the tomato salsa, cooling influences of guacamole and sour cream against the flavours of eggs and bacon,  texture from crispy tortilla, melted cheese and velvety black beans.

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