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Healthy Cauliflower Cheese

…or rather, Cheese Cauliflower – because we invert the elements of this classic winter comfort food to make it feel-good in both senses of the word.

Classically, the essential comfort components of this dish are the bechamel sauce and the bubbling melted cheesy top, luxuriously blanketing the cauliflower itself. Here, we replace the fat and starch of the bechamel with a velvety cauliflower puree, and the layer of cheese with a few cubes of burnished halloumi, which have a much stronger presence and so we don’t need as much to make the same impact.


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Low (GI) – Ceilinged Kitchen

Hello, from what feels like the other side – certainly it’s been a while. A few things have happened over the months since I last posted, and so whilst I’ve still been cooking, we’ve got another constraint at the Low-Ceilinged Kitchen – in addition to being time-, cost- and expertise-constrained, we’ve gone all Low GI Joe.

Image result for gi joe rise of cobra

LOW GI Joe: The Rise of Carbra – an elite unit of dieticians battles pointy blood sugar spikes

(so happy to be able to indirectly cite this underrated gem of a film. I’m pretty sure I would have found GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra just as tense and compelling if we hadn’t been on an overnight bus in Peru at the time, and I’m mystified as to why Channing Tatum – who plays the eponymous hero – is so ashamed of it)

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