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Meatballs with Fresh Egg Pasta

As mentioned on our football blog, we are eating most of our dinners in front of the television at the moment whilst the teams of Europe battle it out for footballing glory. When England played Sweden, we had friends over to join us for a meal of quasi-Swedish food: meatballs with egg tagliatelle, the idea being that we would devour the food of Sweden to prefigure England’s dominance over their national team. Like food voodoo. (Foodoo?)

It occurs to me (as we watch Germany put the screws on Greece…it’s like being back on the trading floor at work!) that we watch football because it makes us feel a certain way. Proud. Tense. Hopeful. Despairing. Wronged. Lucky. In solidarity with the rest of the nation. It’s like the converse of the comfort food concept – having a treat to try and manage our emotional state. Well, this recipe can do the business as football game foodoo (England are playing Italy on Sunday, after all), but I can definitely envisage making it in the future when I need something substantial and savoury to warm the body and soul.

With all the game excitement, we didn’t take a photo at the time, but the next day we cooked up another batch with farfalle for a quicker weeknight dinner.

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